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Syne Version History

Check the recent changes

January 16, 2020: v1.05

  • Noise module fixed in Harmonics mode
  • Ring Modulator and Inharmonicity fixed
  • Hanging issues fixed when using multiple ADSRs and in another scenario
  • Optimizations

January 12, 2020: v1.04

  • Better error handling for branches without partial source module, which caused hanging during playback
  • Fixed a crashing issue for Partial Viewer
  • Stability improvements, bug fixes

January 8, 2020: v1.03

  • Fixed: host parameters were not offered after loading a preset
  • Fixed a bug with submenus not appearing

January 6, 2020: v1.02

  • Macro parameters exported, so you can assign these parameters to any controls (named Macro 1-10) and automate them in the plug-in host
  • New presets added
  • 'Bounce Once' option added to 'Passing Time' repetition
  • Single cycle audio files can be imported
  • Fixed a bug with restoring VST3 plug-in state

December 19, 2019: v1.01

  • [macOS] Fixed macOS installer which installed ~/Documents/Syne as 'root' user so the program was not able to save its settings
  • [macOS] cut/copy/paste works in the text editor
  • Fixed: the "demo expired" dialog was displayed more than once
  • Minor fixes and stability improvements

December 16, 2019: v1.0

  • First version released after a long beta testing period