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Test drive RapidComposer today!

Download RapidComposer Demo Version

The demo version is fully functional except saving/exporting files is not possible!
The demo expires in 30 days. The unlocked version offers more chord progressions and chord rules, and includes more than 42000 phrases.


Decide which edition is suitable for you.

Feature                                                                                     Light Edition
for hobbyist
Full Edition
for professional composers
Core functionality: creating, editing, generating phrases, phrase and rhythm generators, variations, melody harmonization, chord progression editing and generating...
VST, VST3 instrument and effect plug-ins and soundfont (.SF2) support
AI assistant (new in v5.1!)
Sophisticated MIDI CC editing and recording
Standalone and VST3/AU plug-ins (64-bit only, for Windows and macOS)
Melody Generation (Melody Generator, Motive Generator, Markov Melody Generator, Random Melody Generator)✓ (except for Motive Generator)
Melody Editor tab (motive generating and editing, same functionality as Melodya)
Percussion Generator to create original percussion phrases
Idea Tool to generate a multitrack composition based on your rules
Articulations for phrases and individual notes
Phrase Morphing 
MIDI Transformer to generate similar sequences from a dropped MIDI file
Unlimited tempo and signature changes in the composition