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RapidComposer Version History

Check the recent changes since v4.0

July 19, 2021: v4.2.2

  • It is possible to regenerate the shape only or the rhythm only for phrase generators
  • Markov Melody Generator UI reworked
  • Phrases had incorrect length when dragging from the browser (wrong signature was used)
  • Fix disappearing graphics when dragging over a zoomable scroll bar
  • Instrument selection in the Percussion Generator did not update the editor (bug introduced in v4.2.0)
  • Stability fixes for various undo/inspector crashes
  • Fix for a crash when editing the Percussion Generator in the Idea Tool
  • Enable Drawing 'Line' And 'Freehand' Phrases is among experimental settings
  • [Windows] Fix for a crash during text editing (e.g. when saving a progression)
  • Other bug fixes

June 21, 2021: v4.2.1

  • Keyboard left-right arrows move notes and phrases by 'snap' setting
  • Preview implemented when moving notes with the arrow keys (note editing mode)
  • Fixed: Alt/Option-click to split or join notes did not work in note editing
  • States are stored for 'undo' during note editing
  • New MIDI Export setting: Embed 'Program Change' events in exported MIDI
  • New chord suggestion: secondary dominant for the next 'I' chord
  • Fixed: VSTi instruments unloaded for 'undo' if 'Save VSTi State In History' was turned off
  • Fixed: invalid control number inserted to exported MIDI for some soundfonts
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed: first note of the loop sometimes did not play back in some hosts
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed rare crash when right-clicking on a phrase to open the inspector during playback

June 7, 2021: v4.2.0

  • Undo/redo arrows added to main composition, History tab removed
  • Past 'undo' states can be stored in RAM or on disk. The default is in RAM.
  • Chord rules lock have been added to all chord rules settings. When unlocked, the rule automatically changes based on the scale (default).
  • Sending MIDI Machine Control events is implemented (enable under Settings / MIDI)
  • New menu added when right-clicking on a master track scale/tempo/signature where scale/tempo/signature can be reviewed and edited for all levels (composition, part, line, local) 
  • 'Create Tone Row' setting for chromatic progression generation (experimental setting, which must be enabled under Settings / Miscellaneous)
  • Double-clicking on horizontal or vertical scrollbars zooms out the view, another double-click restores the previous view
  • Vertical scrollbar has magnifiers to allow zooming
  • New Idea Tool track option: 'Select Phrases From List In Random Order'
  • Melody Generator UI improvements: '2nd Last Note' menu added, Tonic, Step Above Tonic, Step Below Tonic added to 'Last Note' options
  • 'Render Motive With Variations' added to Melody Editor menu
  • 'Change Chords According To New Scale' option added to master track scale menu (Scale Inheritance) and other places
  • Editing in Percussion Generator was reworked, it is snappier and more reliable
  • 'Preserve Phrase Order' option added to Phrase Container, moving phrases up/down is possible
  • Improved bar position editing is used in the Timeline Inspector, and in Loop Options
  • Track vertical zoom is saved with the track
  • [Plug-ins] RC VST3 plug-in displays input and output channel menu in Studio One
  • [Plug-ins] RC VST3 plug-in offers 128 output channels (some DAWs may not handle all 128 channels)
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed preview (incoming notes sent to plug-in host)
  • Memory footprint reduced, memory and resource allocations optimized (lots of changes under the hood)
  • Stability improvements

April 19, 2021: v4.1.4

  • Fixed: entering a melody formula crashed in the Melody Editor 'generation settings' when the chords track was not enabled
  • Fixed: pop-up help did not work in Melody Editor 'generation settings'
  • Fixed: wrong font sizes were used for vertical sliders on Melody Editor 'generation settings'
  • Fixed occasional issues with exported MIDI length
  • [macOS] Fixed crashes when opening pop-up menus

March 22, 2021: v4.1.3

  • Keyboard shortcuts added: 'Mute/Unmute Selected Track', 'Solo/Unsolo Selected Track' (unassigned)
  • 'Undo' and 'Redo' keyboard shortcuts added to Melody Editor
  • Chord help is displayed multiple times on the master track
  • Fixed: split phrases at bar boundaries did not work
  • Fixed MIDI import issues when 'auto-detect phrases' was not enabled
  • Fixed: Track Templates browser did not display folders initially

March 3, 2021: v4.1.2

  • New size entry for phrase generators in the phrase inspector 
  • Improved length display for phrases and rhythm patterns in the phrase inspector
  • Fixed badly working "Preview Rhythm" button in the phrase inspector
  • Fixed: preview in chord selector was always turned on
  • Fixed: 'lock' should never be enabled for percussion phrases
  • Fixed: in a percussion track the 'lock' button should not be displayed

February 22, 2021: v4.1.1

  • Fixed: adding notes to a transposed phrase added the wrong notes in Note Editing mode
  • Fixed: composition loaded in Note Editing mode sometimes did not display notes
  • Fixes for adding notes/phrases in the composite track
  • Fixed crash when 'unghosting' a phrase during playback
  • Fixed phrase preview in inspector when preview with other tracks
  • Fixed importing MIDI files with multiple 'note off' events for a 'note on' event
  • [macOS] Fixed hanging when using the AU plug-in in Logic Pro X 10.6

February 8, 2021: v4.1

  • Chords track added to Melody Editor
  • 'Tonnetz' added to Chord Selector and master track chord options
  • 'Parallels' tab added in the Chord Selector that lists all modes and chords
  • Chord rules and chord progressions are included for Dorian, Lydian, Myxolydian, Phrygian, Aeolian modes, kindly contributed by Tomás San Miguel (not available in the demo version)
  • MIDI files and folders can be dropped on the progression browser to save the chord progressions from the files
  • Improved detecting and importing 'chords only' MIDI files
  • New variation: Rhythm Mapper
  • New option in Idea Tool track menu: Use Rhythms For 'Rhythm Mapper'
  • Chords can be on 'beat' boundaries by default which is the denominator of the signature
  • 'Lightning' button added to folder tracks in the Idea Tool which regenerates all tracks in the folder
  • Improved 'Collect Scales For Selected Chords'
  • Vector graphics is used for the buttons in the track header
  • Idea Tool UI layout improved when used with big font sizes
  • Using sliders in the track header updates the same slider in the track inspector
  • Variations display help when the mouse is hovered on the name
  • Fixed crash in Chord Selector when using bigger font sizes
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed: settings were saved in the RapidComposer folder instead of RapidComposerV4

December 7, 2020: v4.03

  • [macOS] AU MFX plug-in included
  • 'Open User Guide' button added which opens the updated v4 user guide (the wiki is deprecated)
  • Fixed importing MIDI CC's in MIDI files and other MIDI import fixes

November 30, 2020: v4.02

  • Fixed inserting bars into the composition in the timeline inspector
  • Fixed loading compositions when a VST instrument was set as preview instrument
  • Small fixes in the phrase and rhythm drop targets
  • Double-clicking on a 'Motive Generator' will set the instrument in the Melody Editor
  • When using the 'Repeat' option in the Idea Tool, regenerating individual tracks or the master track will do the repetition
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the phrase preview in Apply Shape and Apply Melody variations
  • [macOS] Fixed crash on Cmd+Q on macOS Catalina

November 23, 2020: v4.01

  • Phrase inspector shows timeline and note lengths for percussion phrases
  • Idea Tool 'Replace Composition' mode sets composition scale, tempo and signature, instead of setting the same in the added part
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed playback issues in the Melody Editor when soundfont was used
  • Fixed playback in the phrase inspector when previewing phrase generators dropped in percussion tracks
  • Fixed Idea Tool crashing randomly
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the 'Phrase Container'

November 16, 2020: v4.0

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Browsers are docked on the right side, file browser added
  • Melody Editor tab added for motive development, melody generation and editing
  • All rhythm and phrase generators were revamped
  • New rewritten VST2, VST3 and AU plugins. The plug-ins are self contained, so they do not use the main application. You can use soundfonts in the plug-in.
  • The installer is improved, including installing plug-ins. The Windows installer includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Folder tracks
  • Peak meters and Audio Gain slider displayed for SF2, VSTi and audio tracks
  • Settings / VSTi page reworked and simplified
  • New structure inspector with extended functionality
  • Diatonic and chromatic mediant chords are in the Chords Suggestions
  • The initial 'enter license key' screen redesigned with the possibility to start the demo version
  • New variation: 'Apply Shape'. It is similar to Apply Melody but uses the new rhythm mapping
  • Add selected chords to a progression rule (from the master track, the progression editor, and the browser)
  • Additional bigger font sizes offered, suitable for 4K resolution
  • At the first usage font size is automatically set based on the screen resolution
  • Supporting special characters in directory names (cyrillic, kanji, etc)
  • Color themes updated and cleaned up. New color themes: 'Dark With Orange', 'Katalin Dark'
  • Dozens of other improvements and bug fixes that are impossible to list