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Melodya Frequently Asked Questions


Is Melodya part of RapidComposer?

Yes, it is built in RapidComposer as a Melody Editor tab (in the full edition). We decided to make a simple inexpensive plug-in of it, so that people without RapidComposer can also access this great tool.

I own RapidComposer, can I get a Melodya license?

All RapidComposer v4 or v5 full edition owners can get a free NFR license for Melodya. Upon request, we will send a Melodya license to these users.

Can I generate a melody for a chord progression?

Yes! The current version supports 2 different workflows: "set up chords" -> "generate melody", or the "create melody" -> "drag and drop to DAW" -> "harmonization"  workflow. 

Are the Windows and macOS versions different products?

No, these are one product. You get both the Windows and macOS versions.

Is this a boxed product? Can I order the program at my local music store?

We don't have a fancy boxed product with shiny wrapping. The purchase is electronic delivery only.

Can I install it on my laptop as well as on my studio PC?

Yes, two installations are allowed when you buy a license. You can install Melodya on two different computers.

Can press members get a free Melodya license to write a review ?

If you are a member of the press, contact us for an NFR license.