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Syne Version History

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January 16, 2023: v1.4.1

  • The current tuning settings can be saved and loaded (not just embedded in presets)
  • 'Render driver' setting added in the preferences
  • UI element and module sizes optimized on retina displays
  • Fixed a bug that prohibited the macro parameters appearing in the "Add Automation" menu
  • A crashing bug was fixed when closing the editor window 
  • User guide updated

December 27, 2022: v1.4.0

  • The UI engine was replaced in the plug-ins. As a result retina screens are also supported in the plug-ins on macOS.
  • Noise Editor module added for drawing noise frequency envelopes. Enable it in the settings (Experimental features)
  • Improved installer: the demo version can be unlocked. There are no separate demo and unlocked versions/installers

April 18, 2022: v1.3.1

  • [macOS] Due to a build issue the plug-ins were built for Intel only. This update offers Apple M1 support in the VST/VST3/AU plug-ins too 

December 27, 2021: v1.3.0

  • [macOS] Apple M1 is natively supported
  • New UI engine in the standalone version with hardware acceleration and retina support
  • UI optimized for retina/high DPI displays, vector graphics is used everywhere
  • Additional bigger font size options added
  • Fixed a crashing bug when opening preset mutation options
  • Fixed a crashing bug when removing a module 

September 20, 2021: v1.2.0

  • FM Module added 
  • Offline rendering works well
  • Fix 'custom' envelope in 'time' mode
  • Fixed: envelope parameters were not recalculated when a note was retriggered before the previous note has ended
  • Fixed noisy audio when using 'Detune' after 'Duplicate Partials'
  • User guide updated

April 8, 2021: v1.1.1

  • Fixed MPE which stopped working in v1.1
  • The current tuning is used for calculating note frequencies when MPE is used

April 5, 2021: v1.1

  • Microtuning support: Scala (.SCL) and AnaMark (.TUN) files can be imported
  • Note tunings can be edited under Settings / Tuning
  • The tuning presets are stored in an editable text file
  • 'Increase Slider Precision' setting added
  • The detached editor windows are resizable
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed: rare hanging notes and other bug fixes
  • User guide updated

July 1, 2020: v1.09

  • "Select Partials Below Threshold" added in Partial Editor 
  • PCM analysis is much faster
  • PWM algorithm fixed
  • Fixed instant preview in Partial Editor
  • Fixed legato mode

July 1, 2020: v1.08

  • New setting: "Make Detached Editors Always On Top"
  • When adding a modulator to any parameter in decibels, the maximum value will be limited to 0 dB by default to avoid high volume levels
  • Fixed: Decay sometimes made a preset silent (e.g. when having a Ring Modulator in front)
  • Fixed: Ring Modulator always reset the saved value
  • Fixed: the plug-in not following the host tempo changes during playback

June 8, 2020: v1.07

  • Fixed: Note On with zero velocity was not handled as a Note Off, which resulted hanging notes
  • Fixed: when adding Noise, slider displayed frequency instead of the default harmonics
  • Fixed: Waveforms and Wave Morpher left 'Fifths' and 'Fifths Damping' values untouched when generating a random waveform
  • Fixed possible crash when closing the plug-in window
  • [Windows] Fixed: mouse disappeared after value editing in detached windows
  • Stability improvements

June 3, 2020: v1.06

  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support added
  • Fixed a module connection issue
  • User guide updated

January 16, 2020: v1.05

  • Noise module fixed in Harmonics mode
  • Ring Modulator and Inharmonicity fixed
  • Hanging issues fixed when using multiple ADSRs and in another scenario
  • Optimizations

January 12, 2020: v1.04

  • Better error handling for branches without partial source module, which caused hanging during playback
  • Fixed a crashing issue for Partial Viewer
  • Stability improvements, bug fixes

January 8, 2020: v1.03

  • Fixed: host parameters were not offered after loading a preset
  • Fixed a bug with submenus not appearing

January 6, 2020: v1.02

  • Macro parameters exported, so you can assign these parameters to any controls (named Macro 1-10) and automate them in the plug-in host
  • New presets added
  • 'Bounce Once' option added to 'Passing Time' repetition
  • Single cycle audio files can be imported
  • Fixed a bug with restoring VST3 plug-in state

December 19, 2019: v1.01

  • [macOS] Fixed macOS installer which installed ~/Documents/Syne as 'root' user so the program was not able to save its settings
  • [macOS] cut/copy/paste works in the text editor
  • Fixed: the "demo expired" dialog was displayed more than once
  • Minor fixes and stability improvements

December 16, 2019: v1.0

  • First version released after a long beta testing period